Friday, April 4, 2008

Report on Internet in India


Google has displaced Yahoo! in the Indian online world.

According to JuxtConsult (online research and advisory firm), Google is the most preferred website in India (29.3% prefer G, 26.6 Y!, Rediff 10.9% and Orkut 7.9%).

Infact, the combined Orkut and Google entity stands at a huge 37%!!

Though Yahoo stands second as far as preferred site is concerned, it does beat Google in brand recall (30% top-of-mind recall, while Google follows with 27.2%, Orkut - 4.5%, Rediff-11.5%)
Again, Google + Orkut > Yahoo.
As far as email usage is concerned, Yahoo is still the number one (53%), but it won’t be too long before Gmail eats up into Y!’s shares.

For job searches, Naukri’s share has declined from 50% to 37%! 

Yahoo! leads the mobile war and gaming war too, while new players like Zapak are growing rapidly.

Few interesting findings:

  • Only 17% Internet users in this country who come from an IT background as against 21% a year ago
  • Accessing Internet from homes are getting more and more popular with the rapid spread of broadband and other technologies
  • 59% of Internet users access the Net from their PCs. However, the place of work still continues to be the single largest place for accessing Internet at 78%.
  • 37% of the current Net users come from the top 10 metros.
  • More than half of the Indian online population comes from outside the eight largest cities. (i.e. tier II and III cities).
  • 19-35 year age groups accounted for 76% users last year, they now constitute only 67%.
  • 66% users came from SEC ‘A’ and ‘B’ classes in 2006, only 56% come from these classes now.
  • 28% Internet users own a car.
  • 34% Internet users own credit cards
  • 90% of Internet users have mobile phones
  • 41% prefer to browse online in English as compared to 59% a year ago
  • The India Internet population stands at 30 million.

So, what does this translates into?

  • Rise in local content (and hence local search)
  • Mobile is the way to go.
  • Internet is no more restricted to the young crowd (i.e. no more social nets please!) - There is a demand for mature products.
  • E-Commerce is set to rise.

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