Friday, April 4, 2008

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Market Share


In 1996, two thirds of all people online (66 percent) lived in the U.S. By last October, that had completely flipped, with 77 percent of the online population living in the rest of the world and only 23 percent in the U.S. The U.S. still has the largest total number of Web surfers (162 million a month), but China is catching up fast (with 96 million)

In China, homegrown sites such as TenCent, Baidu and Sina all reach more native Web surfers than Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo. In fact, the leading Websites in many big markets such as Russia, Japan, and South Korea tend to be homegrown as well. ** In India, this in not the case **

Search Market Share


Both Microsoft and Yahoo each have about 260 million Webmail users (with duplication), with Google’s Gmail bringing up third place with 87 million

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