Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Growth prespective of Indian Economy

Source: http://www.commodityonline.com/news/topstory/newsdetails.php?id=7077
  • According to Sequoia Capital Partner Michael Moritz, the venture capitalist who made 34,000% off Google - "Today’s Smartest Investors Are Asking about India (not China)"
  • Impact on US Economy
    • Manufacturing -- which is China’s strength -- makes up 41% of U.S. output and 11% of jobs.
    • Services -- which are India’s strength -- make up 55% of the U.S. economy and employ 78% of its workers.
  • Investors [in US] know that Indian companies’ return on equity is 21% compared with 10% for China.
  • India has more potential to grow
    • By introducing its “one-child” policy in 1980, China cut off its future number of young workers to support its aging population. China is growing old before it’s grown rich.
    • India is the fifth largest economy in the world (ranking above France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Russia) and has the second largest GDP among emerging nations.
    • 25% of the people in the world under the age of 25 live in India. In fact, 50% of India's total population is under 25... and research shows that younger economies grow faster than their older counterparts.
    • This proves that India is one of the slowest aging countries in the world with a middle class that exceeds the population of the United States and the European Union!
That’s why India -- not China -- offers you the safest and most explosive investment opportunity in the world. In fact, India’s cheap, brilliant and highly productive workforce has helped it become the first developing nation in history to use brainpower as its growth catalyst.

Make no mistake: India’s exploding demographic of low-cost, high-IQ, English-speaking brainpower -- without question -- will have a far-reaching impact on your investment dollars.

And even though India’s huge outsourcing boom shows signs of leveling off due to rising wages for local workers and competition from other countries looking to emulate its model, India continues to be the No. 1 country for outsourcing.

According to the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), India’s outsourcing industry is on course to grow at an annual rate of 25% to hit $60 billion in revenue for its software and service exports by 2010!

Indian CPAs prepared approximately 360,000 U.S. tax returns for 2006, garnering $40 million in revenue.

According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, if recent growth continues, India’s average household income will triple by 2025. Private spending is projected to skyrocket from $372 billion in 2005 to almost $1.8 trillion just two decades later, making India the fifth largest consumer economy in the world.

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