Friday, April 4, 2008

Matrimony Preference on Netizens


Netrimony preferences
  • Men want 61% educated brides 48% working wives 61% favour intercaste marriage.
  • Women want 68% to work after wedding 41% favour intercaste marriage 62% NRI husbands.
  • 50% members of marriage portals live in the five metros.
  • 79% of online matrimony surfers are well-qualified.
  • 70% men want wives between age 26 and 35.
  • 60% want partners from outside their community or city.
  • 64% men in Delhi are open to intercaste marriage, only 24% in Chennai.
  • 45% men and women don’t believe in matching horoscopes.
  • 62% Mumbai and Pune men do not care about fair skin, 36% in Delhi do.
  • While 76% men and women refused, 19% said “maybe” to disabled partners.
  • 88% Pune women wish to marry a metro man, 56% in Kolkata do.
  • 100 odd matrimonial sites exist in India.
  • 50% growth rate in marriage site sector.

India has some 38.5 million Internet users and nearly 60 per cent are below the age of 25.
Of them, 48 per cent are registered with matrimonial sites, 51 per cent with dating and friendship sites and 37 per cent of Internet users are into both the activities.
The year-on-year growth for matrimonial services is 130 per cent, while that of dating sites is 88 per cent.

Net alliance data
  • Online matrimony is worth Rs 140 crore, up from Rs 58 crore in 2006.
  • Visitors moving to the Net for matrimony up from 15% last year to 48%.
  • Over 12 million Indians use online matrimonial searches.
  • Matrimonial sites are now the 13th most popular mainstream online activity.
  • There are nearly 20 million members worldwide for the leading two sites alone.
  • One million success stories and 50 testimonials a day from happy couples for a top site.

In a recent survey, 80 per cent young people said they would not marry without parental blessings.

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