Friday, May 23, 2008

SEO Gyan by Matt


  • Matt claims that Google treats URLs with a query string the same as static URLs. Caveat: as long as there are no more than two or three parameters in the URL, that is! Put another way, you won’t take a hit in your Google rankings if you have a question mark in your URL; just don’t have more than two or three equals signs in the URL.
  • Matt stated that the number of slashes in your URL (i.e. the number of directories deep your page is) isn’t a factor in your Google rankings. He went on to say that although it doesn’t matter for Google, it is rumored to matter for Yahoo and MSN (Live Search). Matt addressed this because I specifically asked the question from the audience.
  • According to Matt, the file extension in your URL won’t affect your rankings. So it’s inconsequential whether you use .php, .html, .htm, .asp, .aspx, .jsp etc. The one extension you should avoid for your Web documents? .exe.
  • Matt stated it was myth that Google uses its status as a domain registrar to access domain registration data to use it as a ranking signal. According to Matt, being a registrar doesn’t grant one special access to other registrars’ customer data. Note that Matt didn’t state whether Google is or isn’t using WHOIS data as a signal. I believe they are.
  • When asked about how to get one’s blog into Google News, Matt shared one of Google’s requirements for inclusion: the blog must have multiple authors. So those of you wanting your blog showing up in Google News results, I hope it’s a group blog!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reliance Communication - Bol India Bol - TV Commercial

Reliance Communication - Bol India Bol - TV Commercial

Perk India TV Commercial

Part I

Part II

Camlin Permanent Markers India - TV Commercial

With Camlin Permanent Markers, Who needs doctors?

Center Shock TV Commercial India

How can someone even think of such a funny commercial

Pepsi Soccer TV Commercial

Cool Soccer Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi India - Youngistan TV ad and Sprite Spoof

Original Pepsi Youngistan Ad

Spoof by Sprite on Youngistan

Glycodin India - Baby Name TV Ad

Virgin Mobile India - Ten Singh & Goa Plan TV Ad

Virgin Mobile India - Signal Jump TV Ad

MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings IPL TV Commercial

Amazing Ad. Really loved it.

Social Networking - Why?

Good Data on Social Networking
  • Social Networking in bigger than Porn
  • 35% teens globally use social networking
  • % of active user is very high

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Social Bookmarking

I have used following sites for link building. With social bookmarking alone, you will find it difficult to get to first page. You would need to be a little extra creative. But social bookmarking is a good start. Leave a remark, if you want to understand the need to social bookmarking ;-).

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