Friday, March 21, 2008

Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales

Lyrics [Source]
“There’s absolutely no bubble in technology”
Peter thiel october 31, 2007, investor, Facebook

got me a CS degree, honor roll, MIT

moved to Palo Alto, opportunity Knocked

thought i had the perfect plan, took a job at webvan

traded in my twenties, for a worthless pile of tech stock

Suffered through the market crash, lost a giant wad of cash

Pink slips, burger flips, would you like some fries

happy days are here again, lary page, sergey brin

time to write a business plan, so i can be like those guys!

here comes another bubble

it’s a monster rally, all around the valley

first you need a buzzword,(Ajax)
then a second and a third

pick at least two industries, you’ll revolutionize
(newpappers + friendship bracelets)

find yourself an engineer, feed him pizza, buy him beer
(product placement : Samel Adams)

Give him just a fraction, of a fraction of the pie

need a good domain name, must be cheap, can’t be lame

something cool like, flickr, meebo, wikiyou, mahalo, bebo

“telephone” without the “t”, “digg” but with a triple “g”

make your elevator pith (”We’re going to change the world!”)
code it up and flip the switch (internal server error)

here comes another bubble
(VC #1: friendship bracelets and news is a game changer.)
the VCs are backing
(VC #2: The next wave of the web will be friendship bracelets.)
baby let’s get cracking

blog, blog, blog it all, blog it if it’s big or small
blog at the cineplex (
blog while you’re having sex

blog in the locker room, babies blogging in the womb

blog even if you’re wrong, won’t you blog about this song?
(Yet Another Stupid Web 2.0 Video)

launch party, nicely dressed, what the point? sausage fest

blue shirt, khaki pants, looking like a line of ants

need to get a facebook page, all these guys are half my age

twenty nice, past my prime, i feel so behind the times

here comes another bubble
(Matt is broke)
in a year we swear
we’ll all be billionaires

make yourself a million bucks, partly skill, mostly luck

now you can afford a down payment, on a small house

if you want a bigger one, hillsborough, atherton
better hope the same thing, happened to your spouse

IPO… luky you, have your cake and eat it too

Party yacht, party jet, why not buy a matching set?

build yourself a rocket ship, blast off on an ego trip

can this really be the end?
back to work you go again

here comes another bubble
(im in ur serverz making thingz better!!, Twitter has problems!!)
and when we are gone
(You looked better on Myspace)
this will still go on

and on and on and on and on…

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