Monday, July 21, 2008

Cybercafe Market in India


According to a CII-IMRB Broadband report, the number of cyber cafes, which was growing at almost 60% in 2004 and 2005, has fallen to almost 20% in 2008. There are 1,80,000 cyber cafes in the country.

According to the CII-IMRB report, the rate of growth in cyber cafes was at its peak in the country at about 85% in 2002. Though it was largely attributable to a small base of about 50,000 cafes in 2003, the growth was still hovering around 60% till 2004. The cyber cafe industry grew at about 57% in 2004. But by 2006 the growth fell to about 20% and it has till now failed to pick up steam.

According to another report by IAMAI, out of the 46 million web users, college and school students account for maximum use of web in the country at 21%. Students are also the maximum users of web in the country through cyber cafes given the high cost of PCs. The internet users have crossed 52 million in 2007-08, according to MAIT.

Not surprisingly, cyber cafes emerge as the largest access point for internet access at 36% followed by home (30%) and office (25%).


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Bollywood News said...

Today cybercafe market in india has increased a lot contributing a major in the world of internet but still many people are not aware, I wish in coming 10 yrs all indians will be internet savvy.


Mukul Singhal